New Restaurant, The Burley Inn Tavern Comes To Berlin

New Restaurant, The Burley Inn Tavern Comes To Berlin

Berlin is already making a name for itself as a cultural and culinary hub and now there is a new restaurant to add to its already building list of culinary establishment.  Housed in the former location of Goobers, The Burley Inn Tavern is slated to open by mid-September.  The restaurant, vision of local Berlin resident Cody Bates, was at first marked to be open at the start of summer however due to stringent renovations on the space, the Pitts Street opening was pushed back to allow for an unrushed renovation: “The original plan was to get it open as quick as possible, but it was a more lengthy process than we anticipated,” Bates said of the new Burley Inn Tavern.

Bates originally knew the last owner of the former Goobers, and learned of the opportunity to take over the reins last fall and singed the lease for his new eatery in spring and has since been working hard to renovate layers of the building, bringing it back to its former glory and ridding it of its layers of dirt and old tiles explaining how “It was a lot of demolition just to get it clean,” estimating that he’d gutted about 85 per cent of the building. When opened, diners can expect a menu comprising of traditional American food prepared under the watchful eye of chef Anthony Grasso, and open to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to satisfy hungry Berlin residents and tourists alike.

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